World’s Greatest Militia: Chapter 45

45. Operation Paju

[Combat Force Info]
– Kwang Hwi Faction (See Symbols)

– Kwang Hwi Baek (Top Status)

*Possession of Areas
– Republic of Korea, Dongducheon City, Gyeonggi-do Province (HQ)
– Republic of Korea, Yangju City, Gyeonggi-do 
– Republic of Korea, Uijeongbu City, Gyeonggi-do

*Total Troops
– 303 (+1)

*Possession of Equipment
– 2 K-9 Self Propelled Guns (Top)
– 5 Medium Namer Armoured Personnel Carriers | APC (Top)
– 2 Merkava Mk.4 Tanks (Top)
– 1~10 Light Tactical Vehicles (Top)
– 5 Medium Tactical Vehicles (Top)
– IAI Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Heron | UAV Heron (Top)
– Night Intruder-300 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Heron | UAV Heron (Top)
– Pantsir missile system S-1 (Top)
– Mi-26 Cargo Helicopter (Top)
– 1~8 AH-8 Little Birds (Top)

In the past few days, the size of the Kwang Hwi Faction had increased.

Using the President’s laptop terminal, shelters and facilities were found throughout Dongducheon and Yangju—many facilities. 

Among them, the surviving soldiers were distributed to different forces and facilities, ranging from only a couple soldiers to a few dozen. The total number of people in the Kwang Hwi Faction increased by around 100. In some cases, they weren’t able to join immediately. The Kwang Hwi Faction utilized the President’s order, which had been written in advance. Although the world was ruined, the name of the commander in chief remained unexpectedly powerful and useful.

They also gained a significant amount of useful equipment. This was mainly due to the variety of roles of the soldiers that had joined. For example, soldiers who had operated K-9 Self Propelled Guns. These were common in the old Korean military, with some having over 10 years of maintenance just to keep them in good working condition. The executives, officers, and soldiers had continued to use them because they remained reliable.

However, because of the increase in their human resources, equipment was becoming scarce, even after factoring in what they had gained. The Kwang Hwi Faction had been deploying more armored vehicles and distributing more equipment.

Last time, Kwang Hwi had bought an extra Mercaba tank, which was a major contributor to the removal of Armata’s power, so the number of Namer APC’s increased. Apart from the UAV Herons found earlier, the RQ-101 Falcon Hawker was found at a new facility. It was 180 kilometers worse than Heron, which had a maximum operational distance of 3300 km, but it was always better to have more UAV’s.


A loud, rumbling sound filled Kwang Hwi’s ears.

There was a massive march happening in the city, including the transportation of a large number of trucks and various types of heavy equipment in the lineup. 

The survivors in the buildings carefully drew back the curtains to look outside. The parade of Kwang Hwi Faction troops exited the center of the city and headed to the highway.

[▲PyongYang] [▲Kesong]

It was telling him that they were getting closer to North Korea.

-“Squad Leader? We are entering Tongil Bridge soon.”


The Kwang Hwi Faction was heading toward the Inter-Korean Immigration Office.

Located past Tongil Bridge, you could get to North Korea by passing through the entrance gate.

-”Attention all units. This is your Squad Leader.”

-“Before we take over the city of Paju, we are going to block off the land connected to 

North Korea. This will prevent monsters from North Korea from running after and attacking us. As soon as we finish the blockade, we will enter into Paju. This is not an advance against North Korea. We are only blocking the way, just in case.”

[The gateway of Tongil!]

[Preparing Paju for unification]

There were usually armed military police waiting at the gateway. But after the start of the end of the world, Kwang Hwi could only imagine where they had gone. The large amount of dirt and dust covering things was a testament to the fact that it had been some time since anyone had last been here.

On the road, rusty guns that seemed to have been carried by the military police were thrown away.

With a rumble, a bulldozer drove past Kwang Hwi. It lowered its digger and drove forward. The barrier that blocked the road wasn’t able to withstand the force and was pushed back. Other vehicles of the Kwang Hwi Faction followed the path that the bulldozer broke through. Four wide lanes welcomed them on the highway.

After crossing Tongil Bridge, an entrance gate that was similar to the one at the highway came into view. Unlike IC gates on expressways, thick iron doors were installed in both directions. Even during this chaos, someone must have locked all the doors.

The armored vehicle stopped at the entrance gate.

“Start the blockade.”

-”Yes sir! Members, get off.”

Dozens of soldiers of the Kwang Hwi Faction appeared. Today, he was the least armed of them all.

The advance team began trying to force the tightly closed gates to open. Fortunately, there was nothing more than a simple lock keeping the gates shut, so there was no need for the hassle. After a few moments, the gates flung open. 

Passing through, the soldiers of the Kwang Hwi Faction carried large boxes with them. One they were a reasonable distance from the gate, these soldiers carefully opened the boxes.

The senior member of the group raised his voice.

“Everyone remembers, right? The most important thing is safety.”

The soldiers that were watching their senior nodded.

“If you don’t know, just ask. Our first priority is to keep you all safe.”

“Yes sir!”

The soldiers took off the covers of their respective boxes; they were filled with landmines. The usually expressionless Kwang Hwi Faction soldiers were currently visibly nervous. They had been told the mines were safe until their safety devices were released, but if even a single one of them exploded, they would all get blown sky high.

The soldiers carefully picked up the land mines and started to install them. The rules for their installation were daily straightforward. They would leave a clear passage in the center, while installing the landmines on either side.

The anti-tank mine was centered around anti-tank mines and distributed in a semi-circular manner. 

ㅡ Passage ㅡ

All of the anti-tank and anti-personnel landmines were used, just in case there were a large number of enemies.

While the soldiers were slowly working on the mines, in the back, shipping containers were being installed.

“Slowly! Good! Like that!”

Rich Stacker, who was active in the early days, had come to help pile up the shipping containers. Luckily, it did not take too much time since the road they were blocking was not wide. Three containers were lined up in a row and two more were stacked on top of them.

The Kwang Hwi Faction soldiers who remained at the gate were building signs near the gateway and Tongil Bridge.

[Warning! No Trespassing!]

[Landmines are buried to prevent monsters from entering.]

[The Kwang Hwi Faction is monitoring the surrounding area. Unauthorized access is prohibited.]

In one hour, the shipping container wall was complete. Because of the container wall blocking them, any monsters that came this way would not be able to pass. Afterward, the surveillance facilities were scheduled to monitor it at all times. These facilities were only active for as long as they were supplied with electricity, but the cost was worth the added security.

“Squad Leader, the blockade is complete.”

“What about the Falcon Reconnaissance?”

“It is said that the North is quiet. We don’t have to worry about it for the time being.”

“Heavy machinery and transport trucks should be returned. Send an armored vehicle to cover them so that they don’t get lost.”

The heavy machinery and transport trucks departed for Dongducheon, guarded by a lone armored vehicle. 

In the meantime, the rest of the soldiers boarded the remaining vehicles.


-”Yes Squad Leader! It’s a launch controller gun.”

“Fire 3 rounds into the confirmed nest.”

“3 rounds at the nest! Fire!”

Dwarfs were located in the area around Paju. They were a humanoid monster, about the size of an elementary school child. They could move quickly because of their light monkey-like bodies.  These things lived together in large groups, sometimes numbering in the hundreds. Around Paju, there were five tribes, with around 500-1000 Dwarfs per tribe.

The SPG fired shells around Dongducheon. These shells traveled a distance of 37 km in an instant.


The ball that the Dwarf kicked flew into the net. Another Dwarf, who was playing goalkeeper, cried out in anguish. Meanwhile, the ones that had just scored were hugging each other and laughing. 

However, a sudden whooshing sound caused the Dwarfs that were gathered around to raise their heads. A dark object was falling from the sky.

As it hit the ground, a large boom shook the earth. The explosion of the shell swallowed up the monsters. At the foot of one mangled dwarf body was the ball they were just playing with; it was a human head.

[You have eliminated 10 shorters before anyone else.]
[The reward for your achievement…]

Surprised by the sudden explosion, the dwarves got up to leave. However, before they could take even one step another shell exploded over their heads.

It was another shell shot by the second vehicle. Hundreds and thousands of fragments flew past the Paju Stadium. The monsters hit by the fragments started bleeding and eventually collapsed. The artificial grass was scratched up and sprayed by dirt. Blood from the monsters bodies seeped through into the turf.

[You have eliminated 100 shorters before anyone else.]
[The reward for your achievement…]

[You have eliminated 200 shorters before anyone else.]
[The reward for your achievement…]

[You have eliminated 300 shorters before anyone else.]
[The reward for your achievement…]

Some of the dwarves tried to hide in the tents. A coarse tent made of branches and woven fabric that seems to have been picked up from somewhere. Something like that could not protect against the debris. The weak support broke off. There were countless holes in the tent, which could only block out the wind. The dwarves that were hiding in the tent suffocated under the debris.

[You have eliminated 400 shorters before anyone else.]
[The reward for your achievement…]

[You have eliminated 500 shorters before anyone else.]
[The reward for your achievement…]

-Paju Stadium Nest has been eliminated!

“You will arrive in 3 minutes.”

The Kwang Hwi Faction was receiving reports while running in downtown Paju.

The operation was simple. Since there were monsters in each nest, a self propelled artillery would be fired first. Attack the weak nest and clean it up. The dwarves were too quick so the soldiers didn’t get off; they were to engage in combat while on the vehicle.

Medium sized tactical vehicles that are carrying the troops were covered with bullet proof panels.  Although boarding could be a little frustrating, they didn’t have to worry about getting attacked from somewhere higher. Kwang Hwi was going to shoot from the side.

“Engage in combat once you see them.”

-”Yes sir!”

The Kwang Hwi Faction arrived at the Paju Stadium. At the entrance of the stadium, expressionless dwarves were running out in a hurry. The dwarves stopped after seeing the armored vehicle. The atmosphere suddenly changed due to the overwhelming appearance of the Namer armored vehicle.

A coaxial machine gun fires out 7.62 mm bullets. The bodies of the monsters that stood still from shock collapsed onto the ground. These bullets were stronger than the 5.56 mm bullets used in personal firearms and penetrated the dwarve’s bodies and even struck those behind the first line. The dwarves that reacted too late fell in droves.

Seeing a path, Kwang Hwi dodged into the tower’s square. He picked up the knife at his waist and started stabbing the bodies. However, he couldn’t pierce the hard exterior with the knife. The knife that he was holding was going to slip out of his hands or break before making a dent.

Some nimble dwarves climbed over the rubble and onto the vehicles as if they were rock climbing, but the troops remained inside. Even if they wanted to get in, there was no way to open a door that was locked from the inside. The soldiers in the medium sized tactical vehicle quickly extend their guns outside the small shooting holes.

Even if their bullets couldn’t pierce the dwarrve’s armor, they could still distract them.

The soldiers fired the guns everywhere, overpowering the dwarves with the large amount of bullets peppering them.

The artillery kept hitting the tent that had yet to collapse. The tents that were half down failed to withstand the power of the shells. Some of the dwarves ran to hide themselves in the stadium. The armored car that saw them rotated its turret.

The wall they were behind collapsed after one hit. The dwarves that were hiding were surprised but were torn apart by the oncoming bullets of the machine gun.

In between the loud noises of the guns, the sounds and screams of the dwarves slowly became quiet.

— Ω —

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