World’s Greatest Militia: Chapter 30

30. Attacked

The window was smashed to smithereens and something rolled on the floor. It was a Monkey. Its eyes glowed with a menacing gleam as it were looking for a victim. Unfortunately, he had walked into the wrong hood as armed soldiers filled the room.

『You are the first person in the world to defeat a ‘Half Flying Monkey.’』
『As a reward…』

Before the Monkey could do anything, a barrage of bullets pierced its body. After being showered by a hail of lead, the corpse was in tatters.

“Cease fire.”

Kwang Hwi looked at the mangled Monkey carcass on the floor. At first, he thought it was something else. But he had to change his opinion soon after. While it had a Monkey head, it’s body looked like a human. On top of that, there were wings on its back.

It was indeed a sight that would make one shudder in disgust. It was almost as if it were a Monkey and human hybrid. ‘Hybrid? It can’t be…’

Kwang Hwi remembered the testimonies of the survivors Jackson had brought back from Yangju.

“The monsters captured the people and took them somewhere. They killed the men who resisted and seized the powerless women.”

After mulling over it for a while, his eye twitched. It was horrifying to even imagine what could possibly have happened. The mere notion of it gave him chills. His train of thought was interrupted by an urgent voice on the radio.

— “A large group of flying Monkeys are appearing at HQ! Cannot identify exact numbers!”


“You must escape!”

The men grabbed Kwang Hwi’s arms in a bid to escort him to a safe location. However, Kwang Hwi waved at them to stop.

“Shut up and go out. We need to kill these moths.”



His subordinates rushed out of the Situation Room while he stayed inside. Kwang Hwi raised his gun. There were mutant Monkeys with wings flying in the sky. Kwang Hwi fired. The head of the mutant that was attacking the security team abruptly flew backward. With half of its head crushed and black blood oozing out, the Monkey collapsed onto the floor, lifeless. Kwang Hwi flicked his gun elsewhere.

Every time his gun rang, another mutant would perish. It didn’t matter whether bullets punctured their cheeks or foreheads, they all died with a single shot. After quickly suppressing multiple hybrids, Kwang Hwi grabbed the radio.

“Get inside the buildings to neutralize their flying ability.”

The soldiers that were caught unprepared started to counter-attack. Following Kwang Hwi’s command, they hid in structures or vehicles nearby. From inside, they began unloading their guns at the horde. Although it was not easy to keep up with the flying Monkeys, the men never stopped firing.

It became much louder outside. The sirens, gunfire, and shrieking Monkeys were all mixed together, piercing everyone’s ears. They had to shout even when talking to someone next to them.

— “HQ! This is the Outer Wall Security Team. We can hear gunshots and the siren from here. Do you need reinforcements?”

— “Immediately…”

Kwang Hwi quickly interjected into the radio.

“This is your commander. Do not come to the HQ! It may be a diversion! Maintain your current position and prepare for any possible offensive!”

— “U-understood.”

The superiority the Monkeys had gained from the surprise attack lasted only for a moment. The half-breeds were quickly being swept away. While their ability to fly looked threatening, their weaknesses were evident. Their gliding speed was slow, and, due to having a similar physique as an average person, one or two bullets could incapacitate them. Moreover, they had limited means to attack.

On the other hand, the Kwang Hwi Faction had adequate ranged attack capabilities. Once the element of surprise was taken out of the picture, they were superior. And to prove that point, one by one, the mutant Monkeys fell from the sky. Yet, Kwang Hwi wore a grim expression.

‘Something is strange.’

The ambush was sudden and the mutant Monkeys created from breeding with human females were appalling. But amid all this chaos, it was clumsy. It almost felt like a piece of the puzzle was missing. As if on cue, a roar was heard from the sky above. Kwang Hwi turned around and looked up.

“There it is.”

A giant monster was falling from the sky. It’s blood-red fur stood out like needles, looking hideous.

‘Rather than a monkey, it’s more like a gorilla.’

The monster fixed his gaze at Kwang Hwi. He could feel intense hostility from its stare. It was as if the beast knew who the leader was. Kwang Hwi quickly grabbed the M32A1 next to him. It was the revolver-type grenade launcher he previously used.

He fired and a grenade went off, exploding on the monster’s chest. The gorilla was pushed back slightly from the force. Kwang Hwi continued to pull the trigger and the rounds quickly left the cylinder. The chain of explosions continued. While there were no critical hits, the shock sent the gorilla further away. Eventually, the monster landed in a small forest right next to the Dongducheon City Hall.

The ground trembled as a shockwave overturned the soil. Trees were knocked down and thick clouds of dust rose into the air. Nearby mutant Monkeys and soldiers, who were fighting each other, both fell over due to the small earthquake.

The enraged gorilla started causing a ruckus. Not finding its target nearby, it vented its anger on the landscape. The chipped trees were wholly flattened by its weight. Kwang Hwi hurriedly ran outside. Conveniently, there was the APC Namer in front of him.

— “Boss, please teach that uncultured monster some manners!” said Jackson.

“Always a pleasure.”

Grinning, Kwang Hwi got in the gunner’s position. He was welcomed by the automated fire control system. On-screen, there was the giant gorilla who was demolishing the forest. Focusing on his target, Kwang Hwi grabbed the stick.

The 30 mm autocannon rotated. The gorilla was still charging and laying waste to the forest, carving a path for itself. All the while, it had not realized that the gun was aimed at it. The crosshair was aligned with the gorilla’s chest.

Kwang Hwi gently pulled his finger. A large hole was pierced into the monster’s chest as a witness to his gentle squeeze. Blood trickled down the wound.

Despite the fatal blow, the gorilla continued to run wild. It plucked utility poles and trees from the ground and threw them at the APC. Jackson, who was piloting the vehicle, quickly maneuvered away. The utility pole struck the ground, missing its target. Kwang Hwi promptly followed the first shot with the second and third shells.

Before the heavy shell could even touch the ground, the projectile drilled another hole into the gorilla’s body. It kneeled onto the floor, failing to even scratch its prey. Its shoulder bone and muscles were exposed, while the contents of its abdomen and chest were spilling out. The blood rivulet started to dye the soil red. When Kwang Hwi thought it couldn’t possibly be alive, a notification appeared in front of him.

『You have defeated the ‘Red Monkey Lord’.』
『You have obtained 100,000 MP.』

Only then did Kwang Hwi stopped firing. The system was his best companion, after all.

“Death Confirmed!”

— “Nice shot!

The mutated Monkeys that raided the HQ were also almost cleaned up by now. Their limp bodies were littered everywhere. A small stream was formed from the black blood oozing from their bodies. Gunshots rang sporadically, the men making sure the monsters stayed dead.

“This is HQ. Security team, report!”

— “All hostiles were eliminated! A small number of mutants ran away, while around ten civilians were injured.”

“What about our combat force?”

— “Three have minor wounds while one has serious injuries. The wounded were relocated to the hospital to receive treatment.”

Kwang Hwi quietly let out a sigh of relief. Thankfully, no one died. While they were ambushed, the Monkeys were unexpectedly weak, lessening their threat.

— “HQ. This is the Southern Wall Security Team!”


— “We’ve engaged with a size-three horde that descended from a nearby mountain. Luckily, no one was injured and the monsters were all eliminated.”

“Roger. Stay on alert. Hostiles at HQ were also eliminated.”

— “Understood.”

Kwang Hwi then changed the channel. The search team sent to Yangju was using a separate radio network.

“Search team, report on the operation.”

From the radio, disorderly noises could be heard. It was the engine sound of the APC and gunshots from the machine guns. It seemed as if they were fighting the monsters.

— “This is the search team! We have entered Yangju City Hall and are currently engaging against the Monkey horde. However, they are being suppressed without an issue!”

“Copy that. Prioritize the safety of all members.”

— “Affirmative. We’ll report back once we’ve secured the location.”

As soon as Kwang Hwi got off the APC, his subordinates gathered around him. They were here to confirm his well being. He was their mental support, after all.

“Boss! Are you okay?!”

“We thought something happened because we couldn’t find you.”

“I’m fine, so don’t worry. Instead, report back to the Situation Room. We still need to secure Yangju City.”

“Roger that!”

After responding loudly, few men headed back into the city hall. They were now relieved after seeing him unhurt with their own eyes.

“As for the rest, clean up this mess. If you were injured, don’t be stubborn and immediately head to the hospital.”

There was nothing more stupid than leaving a treatable injury unattended.

‘The mercenaries in Africa were like that.’


The rest dispersed at his behest.


With the repeated sound of bullets being fired, the machine gun rained hell at the horde. As the windows of city hall shattered, chunks of flesh splattered from within. The Monkeys that were preparing for a surprise attack flew out while bleeding profusely. In a role reversal, the hunters had become the prey at this moment.

A mutant swung its claws at the gunner. The gunner lowered his head in a hurry to dodge the incoming strike. The razor-sharp claws grazed the bulletproof helmet, almost causing him to meet his maker. There wasn’t time to be terrified, though.

The gunner turned his machine gun, links and empty cartridges poured out. After being shot in the wings, the mutant fluttered and fell to the ground. It tried its best to stand up, but its vision was filled by the APC’s continuous tracks.

The mutant could not withstand the iron hulk that weighed several tons. As it was crushed underneath the vehicle, its flesh scattered everywhere, creating a grotesque scene. The autocannon fired and the walls of city hall crumbled like tofu, just like its defenders. It had no difficulty in penetrating the thick walls. Concrete boulders rolled onto the floor due to the overwhelming power.

“City hall, 3F! Size-two Monkey horde spotted!”

The Monkeys started pouring out of the broken windows and walls. The Medium Tactical Vehicle packed with heavily armed soldiers stopped. Bullets greeted the Monkeys that had just landed, dashing their hopes.

The Monkeys died before they could even scream. Instead of a neatly organized flower bed outside the government building, deep craters formed where they landed. Soo Min was issuing commands inside the APC, keeping the whole situation under control.

‘Their resistance is weakening.’

In the beginning, hundreds were pouring out at once. But now, it was reduced to a few dozen. It was evident that their forces were depleted. After all, they had been bombarded by SPGs and mortars for days.

“All soldiers, disembark!”

Finally, the order was given. The soldiers, who had been waiting for the command, immediately jumped out of the vehicle. The convoy covered every point to guard against a possible surprise attack. Even if they had cut down their numbers, they couldn’t be lax now.

The infantry entered the building in a hurry. The place revealed itself in its entirety, showing how it was ravaged by shells and bullets. Monster carcasses were lying everywhere.

The infantry split into smaller teams. Each team surveyed the building to see if there were any remaining monsters. Hidden Monkeys were routed out by the soldiers one by one.


An infantry member opened a door and immediately fell on his back. A small needle was sticking out from his neck.

“Neurotoxin! It’s a Monkey!”

His companion quickly grabbed him by the bulletproof vest and dragged him away. Another soldier threw a grenade and closed the door. An explosion erupted inside the room as the iron door shook violently.

The men opened the door once again. One of the subordinates holding an Ultimax machine gun pointed the muzzle through the gap. The Monkey, who had already died from the explosion, had some bonus bullets added to its body.

“All clear!”

The last member of the team quickly drew a circle with a spray can. It was to indicate the room was clean. They then moved on to the next office and knocked on the door.

“Is anyone inside?”

“W-we’re here!”

“Please help!”

The soldier cautiously opened the door. Survivors, who appeared to have been tied by the Monkeys, were wriggling on the floor. Seeing the soldiers, they burst into tears.

“W-we’re saved! Saved!”

After confirming there were no Monkeys nearby, the men cut the ropes. Once they were freed, the survivors rubbed their sore wrists and ankles.

“Rescued 20 survivors in the 2F. We’ll escort them out.”

— “Roger. There are still a lot of monsters inside. Prioritize the safety of all soldiers.”

After a few minutes, Yangju City Hall was thoroughly combed through. Spare vehicles, which had been brought just in case, were packed with survivors. As for the soldiers, they were taking a short break outside.

“Major Soo Min.”

“What’s the matter?”

“…There is something you must see.”

Soo Min followed the soldier to the city hall’s underground parking lot. As they got closer, a foul stench overwhelmed their noses. The men guided Soo Min to a subterranean bunker that was used as a shelter in case of emergencies. Those who were guarding the entrance greeted Soo Min. His face became contorted as he bore witness to a gruesome spectacle.


A pile of corpses could be seen inside. There were women who had their stomach split open. The floor was drenched in an unidentified liquid that couldn’t be distinguished as either blood or urine. Babies were abandoned in one corner.

“These babies are…”

The soldier could not finish his sentence due to grief, disgust, and anger. Soo Min went to inspect the babies himself.


The babies had a monkey head and a human body, similar to the mutants the men saw outside. The only difference was that their bodies were much smaller, with either one arm or leg shriveled up badly. It appeared to be deformation caused by cross-breeding.

Now they knew why the women were dragged away: to procreate mutant Monkeys. It seemed the situation was worse than they had initially thought.

“For now, take pictures and report them back to the commander.”


『Gyeonggi Province’s Yangju City was added to the Controlling Area category.』
『It is strongly suggested to deploy troops in the area. If troops are not deployed, other forces may take over the territory.』

— Ω —

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