RE: Survival: Chapter 132

“Jung Soo!”

“Everyone get down! Get to cover! Turn off that lighter!” As he shouted orders, Yohan ducked behind the nearest container. He peeked out and saw that Jung Soo was already a cold corpse. All it had taken was one bullet from a sniper.


Based on the distance, the sniper was probably at Yongsan station. Yohan noticed that the middle window on the third floor was opened. He pulled out his walkie-talkie and spoke into it quietly.

“Third floor, between the second and fourth window. There’s a skilled sniper. Don’t panic and get ready to fire back from your position. There could be more than one.”

He felt his heart starting to race and his body temperature rising. Even though Jung Soo hadn’t been moving, they had killed him with a single shot. This meant that there was an extremely skilled sniper on the other side. Both sides were blocked by steel partitions and the front was blocked by barbed wire. Behind was wide open terrain. This meant that there was no way to retreat. Yohan noticed something moving in the darkness. It was a fair distance away, off to his right. His expression hardened. The group two members hadn’t been able to hide properly, so they were now crawling towards a container.

‘What about the others?’

He couldn’t see them. Did that mean that group two was the only one that hadn’t been able to get out of the way? Just then, there was a flash on the third-floor window. Yohan immediately realized what it was. A roadside emergency flare had been lit to illuminate the darkened area. If the enemy used it to find them, then there wouldn’t be anything more they could do. Yohan quickly made a decision and yelled.

“Group two! Hurry up and hide! Everyone else, attack!”

Everything happened at the same time. The flare was thrown under the station, illuminating the area, the four members of group two stood up, and the recon members began their assault. Yohan immediately pulled his trigger towards the area where the flare had been thrown from. 

The air was filled with the sound of gunshots. A moment later, more shots could be heard as the enemy returned fire.

‘The location.’

Within the darkness, the only sources of light that could be seen were from the muzzle flashes of the gunshots. Despite that, Yohan’s eyes were honing in on one of the enemies and finally locked onto him. He could see his gun. Just then, a silenced weapon fired at the same window that Yohan was currently looking at. One of the enemies had peeked out from behind the cover and was hit, falling out of the window. Corporal Ong had made that shot. The two groups continued to exchange fire, but since nobody could risk properly aiming their weapons without being hit, the bullets were being fired almost at random. After shooting at each other for a little while, the enemy was the first one to stop. After they stopped firing, they stepped away from the windows and seemed to retreat.

“Stop firing.”

The enemy had the advantage when it came to their positioning and Yohan’s group was nothing more than a rat in a trap. It was obvious that the enemy wanted them to run out of ammo first.

‘I won’t let them get us so easily.’

Yohan grabbed his walkie-talkie and spoke clearly into it.

“Save your ammo as much as possible. Stand-by until the next signal.”

The flare that had been lit earlier started to die down.

— “What about Jung Soo?”

— “……”

— “Is he dead?” Yohan asked.

— “He was shot in the forehead,” Hyuk reported, his voice shaking.

He had harbored some hope in asking, but deep inside, Yohan had known that Jung Soo had died the instant he had been shot. Pushing the feeling down, Yohan intentionally ignored Hyuk’s voice and focused to see if someone was going to light up another flare. He was in such a bad mood that, if someone did, then he was going to kill them immediately. 

Just then, someone tried.

There was a loud sound as someone lit up another flare. It was immediately met with a gunshot and the man was killed instantly before getting the chance to throw it.

‘Our sniper is pretty skilled as well.’

They were at a really big disadvantage. They couldn’t retreat and, since gunshots were constantly going off, the zombies would start gathering after hearing so much sound. The steel walls were blocking the tracks, and the barbed wire could fall at any moment. On top of that, it was still dark out since the sun hadn’t come up yet. They had to overcome this confrontation and couldn’t run away.

“Anyone else injured?”

— ”Jung Eun was hit.” Sweeper replied. 

Yohan could hear Jung Eun groaning and Saeri’s voice. Yohan bit his lip. The longer they stayed out here like this, the more damage they’d collectively take. They had to do an all-out attack.

“Leaders, identify the injured.”

After Yohan spoke, the group leaders all reported back one by one.

— “Group two. Jung Eun was shot. The injury is deep.”

“Did it go all the way through?”

— “Yeah.”

‘That’s a relief.’

“Group three?”

— “Jung Soo is… Eddie is injured as well.”

“Group four?”

— “No one is injured.”

After organizing his thoughts, Yohan gave his next order.

“Groups one and four will go in. Groups two and three will give covering fire and try to grab their attention. After we enter, take care of the injured and move to a safe location. Sweeper and Hyuk, after taking care of the injured, you two team up and join us inside. Does everyone understand? When I finish counting down from three, begin the assault. Once it starts, run after 10 seconds.” 

Yohan glared at the target location with a murderous look. He didn’t know how the enemy knew that they were here, but they had attacked first. Since Jung Soo had died, he couldn’t just let this pass.



…Even it meant that he had to kill his friend.



Bullets immediately started flying. 

The enemy must’ve been surprised by the sudden attack because their response was delayed. After counting to 10 in his head, Yohan started running with all his might toward the station. Due to the delay in the enemy’s counterattack, they hadn’t started shooting until after the infiltration group had already arrived. As soon as he entered, Yohan immediately hid and looked for the enemy. The first-floor emergency exit was empty. Ha Jin and Jin Soo arrived a moment later, right behind him.

“What about So Hee and Jae Ho?”

When Yohan asked, Ha Jin gestured with his chin. The two hurriedly ran inside with a serious expression.

“Did they see you guys come in?”

“No. They weren’t shooting at us.”


That meant the enemy didn’t know they had come inside. This was going to be an extremely dangerous infiltration. They’d be lucky if no one got hurt. Yohan nodded his head and, after placing his rifle behind him, he took out his pistol.

“The enemy is gathered on the second and third floors. Ha Jin and Jin Soo, you’ll take the second floor. Corporal Ong and I will go to the third floor. Pio and Verda will guard the front of the hall and make sure no one escapes. Jae Ho and So Hee will guard the entrance. Be careful, and check every corner. Don’t overdo it either while you’re fighting. If you think there are too many enemies, call Sweeper for assistance immediately.”

His last order was mainly for Ha Jin. Ha Jin must’ve understood his intentions because he nodded his head. After exchanging glances with Ha Jin, Yohan started running up the emergency exit stairs alongside Corporal Ong. 

Ha Jin and Jin Soo looked at each other.

“Let’s go too.”

The firefight was still going strong outside and didn’t show any noticeable signs of slowing down. Ha Jin quietly snuck up the stairs. He slowly approached the source of the gunshots but stopped for a moment in front of a fast food restaurant. It was an open concept store and he could see the enemy on the other side of it. Ha Jin raised three fingers and started folding them down one by one as a way to count down and time their ambush. 

‘Three, two, one.’ 

Two bullets were fired simultaneously and their targets collapsed at the same time. After checking to confirm that they were dead, Ha Jin glanced over towards where he could hear the other gunshots coming from.

“Great. Onto the next.”

The youngest of the improvised, two-man assault team was from the Park Town camp and, despite the intense situation, he calmly followed after Ha Jin. However, despite his calm footwork, his eyes and hands were shaking. His conscience instinctually rejected having to kill like this, but he had no choice but to endure and experience all of these excruciating sensations by himself. 

The guns abruptly stopped firing and there seemed to be a lull in the battle. The two of them had to take extra care to be as quiet as possible to avoid being heard.

‘Where are they? They were somewhere around here weren’t they?’

Ha Jin looked around. On the second floor, many of the restaurants were an utter mess. He quickly checked to see if there was a store at the back of the station that had a window, thinking that perhaps the enemies had moved to a different vantage point.

But there was no such luck. Despite giving the area a once-over, he couldn’t find any enemies within any of the stores. But he could see all the bullet casings and bloodstains on the floor. This made him think that maybe they had all retreated because they were out of ammo.

Ha Jin followed the blood splatters like a hunting dog tracking down its prey. The trail of red stopped on the other side of the area, near a window. There was a group of zombies just outside, far below, that had gathered after hearing all the gunshots. 

At that moment, Ha Jin felt someone’s presence behind him. He felt something whistle through the air but Ha Jin threw himself out of the way at the last moment.

The man’s surprise attack missed, and struck the wall with a tremendous amount of force.

Ha Jin spun around and raised his Glock towards the man, but his wrist was grabbed and the direction of the barrel was forcefully diverted to the side. The man’s grip was extremely strong. He was taller as well, and he was probably one or two weight classes  higher than Ha Jin’s. 

The man squeezed Ha Jin’s wrist hard enough to force him to drop the Glock.


Ha Jin struck his prosthetic arm against the wall as hard as he could manage. With a metallic twang, the spring mechanism inside was triggered and the blade inside popped out. Ha Jin swung it in an attempt to slash the man’s face. The man’s eyes widened and he dodged at the last moment by throwing his head back. Despite his large frame, the man had an extremely fast reaction time. After dodging the attack, he grabbed Ha Jin and tried to strangle him by locking him in a headlock. Ha Jin felt immense pressure and pain but pushed through it. He tried to punch the man and struggled fiercely, but the pressure only increased. This left him with only one choice.

Ha Jin sunk his teeth into the man’s arm as hard as he possibly could and, with a jerking, tearing motion, ripped a piece of him right off.

The man screamed in agony.


Ha Jin broke free from the man’s grasp and spat out a mouthful of dead tissue. He then kicked at the man’s head. The man tried to raise his arm to block, but he was still reeling from the pain and couldn’t focus. The kick landed. 

Ha Jin kicked him again. The man had his palms facing outward as he tried to defend himself. It became clear to Ha Jin that the enemy still had a lot of energy left in him. 

Ha Jin saw the man’s veins popping out of his neck from the strain as he grabbed and threw him towards the window. 

It was as if he was fighting a mutant. 

The window shattered as he smashed through it and Ha Jin dropped all the way down to the courtyard outside. The impact from the multi-story drop made Ha Jin arch his back violently and groan in pain.

After hearing this sound, the zombies gathered and immediately started biting him.

Jin Soo was trembling as he witnessed all of this happen. His gun was out, but he couldn’t find it in him to shoot. He was too scared. 

All throughout the battle he had just witnessed, he had been too close to Ha Jin. A bullet fired from the gun he was carrying would have had enough stopping power to pierce through multiple people. So if he had fired at any point, Ha Jin could have easily been hit because he couldn’t get a clean shot in. But even after the fight had ended and the man that threw Ha Jin out the window turned to face him, Jin Soo still couldn’t shoot because of his own fear.

It was only after the man had started charging towards him that Jin Soo finally managed to pull the trigger. However, because his hands were shaking so severely, his aim was off and the shot missed.

He was unable to stop what happened next.

The man grabbed Jin Soo by the head and slammed him face-first against the wall. 

Jin Soo was unconscious before he hit the ground.


The man collected his breath and looked around the room as blood dripped down from his arm. There weren’t any other intruders in front of him. After double-checking and confirming that he was alone, he walked over to his bag. He pulled out some alcohol, bandages, and antibiotics in order to deal with his injury. 

He had to take care of it before it became infected.

“Damn it.”

He had been bitten so hard by the intruder that the bandage he used on himself soaked through and turned red instantly. He wrapped another bandage on top of the first. The pain caused him to frown. After he finished taking care of his injury, he wrapped the head of the intruder he had slammed against the wall with a towel and started tying his arms together with a piece of fabric. 

Jin Soo’s body started throwing a fit. But it was not enough to stop the man from restraining him. Once he was done, the man increased the volume of his walkie-talkie. He had lowered it earlier to avoid being overheard, but that was no longer necessary. He immediately heard the leader’s urgent voice repeatedly through the walkie-talkie.

— “Are you sure you guys are okay? Why is no one answering?”

The man pressed the call button.

“Noah. The intruder’s counter-attack was quite intense. There’s a lot of them here.”

— “Is that you, Jae Won?”


— “Don’t overdo it and retreat. We’re getting ready right now.”

“I’m going to kill them all first.”

— “I told you not to overdo it.”

The man named Jae Won turned off his walkie-talkie. He wasn’t going to sit by and let these arrogant intruders get away with this.

Just then, he heard a click and felt a tingling pain on the back of his head. It burned horrifically. Jae Won’s eyes widened so much that they looked like they were going to pop out of their sockets. His entire upper body was almost instantly covered in blood and his vision started to fade.

Jae Won used his remaining energy to turn his head back to try and see what had happened. Behind him was Ha Jin, the intruder that should have died after being thrown out the window and bitten by the zombies. 

Ha Jin’s body was covered in blood and sweat. He looked like he had just climbed up from hell. The blood was dripping off of Ha Jin’s body, covering the ground.


‘Despite being bitten by the zombies….’

Jae Won was sure that he had seen the zombies biting his arm and shoulder. He shouldn’t have been able to move. He should have been infected and turned already.

Before he could ask anything else, Ha Jin’s prosthetic arm blade pierced his throat.


After releasing a deep sigh, Ha Jin pulled the blade out and began tending to his wounds with the very same antibiotics that Jae Won had pulled out for himself a moment ago.

— Ω —

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