RE: Survival: Chapter 104

After taking out the bridge without much trouble, the recon team immediately started moving towards their next destination. The first place they wanted to visit was the Incheon Airport Logistics Center. Yohan thought that there would be supplies stored here since it was a logistics center. However, they were disappointed with the results. There were a lot of products, but everything was too modern to be useful.

“This is a surprise. I didn’t think boss man would make this kind of mistake.”

“You’re right. Who knew we would see this side of him?”

The Incheon Airport Logistics Center managed cargo. Most of the warehouses here contained laptops, TVs, accessories, and other electronics.

“If you think about it, it’s kind of common sense.” It was the first time they saw Yohan make a mistake. They couldn’t help but tease him a bit. However, Yohan got a bit mad.

“There should be a logistic warehouse where they keep all the duty-free stuff,” Yohan mumbled to himself, but he spoke loud enough for everyone to hear.

“Oh that,” Jae Ho commented, “it should be over  at the special cargo warehouse.”

The recon team members grabbed a few luxury items that they had been missing and then made their way to the special cargo warehouse.

“…it’s already been looted.”

The warehouse was completely empty. Yohan looked around the barren building.

“It was a survivor group.”


“They didn’t rip things open. They moved the whole pallet. Additionally, there aren’t any zombies nearby. Someone lured the zombies away and then moved the supplies.”

“Hm…” Ha Jin thought for a moment. “At least we know there’s one thing we need to focus on. It’s not like we’re starving, so let’s not let this bring us down. We also got some clocks, clothes, and cigarettes, which will last us a lifetime.”

Yohan nodded. They currently had more luxury items than necessities. Even if they didn’t have supplies or rations, they weren’t lacking anything right now.

“It’s worth coming back here for the rest of the stuff.” Yohan drew a circle on his map and marked it with three and a half stars to indicate that it was an important location. He also drew a stickman to indicate that there were survivors.

“Should we go to the Incheon Airport duty free stores? I don’t think that place has been looted.” Ha Jin asked.

“It’s obvious that half of the zombies from Yeongjong bridge are probably stuck inside the airport. It’s chaos there.” Yohan shook his head. It was worth checking, but it will be the last place they go to. Even from far away, they could tell that there were too many zombies there for them to go up against. Yohan marked all the areas around the airport in red on his map.

“Jae Ho.”

“Yeah, if we just search Unseo-dong and Yeongjong-dong, we’ll be done with Yeongjong island.”

“Wow, this place really has nothing.”

“It’s because it’s meant to be an airport city. The apocalypse happened before they finished developing the place…if there aren’t any good places to loot, we can set up a temporary base at Jakyang island dock and get the stuff from the logistics center. That’s all the good stuff we found.” 

“There’s still the Port of Incheon. A fishing boat may not be able to get there, but it’s close by. We should keep that location in mind,” Jae Ho suggested. Yohan quickly looked over his map again. 

“Once we finish Yeongjong island, we can expand our search to that place.” 

Jae Ho laughed. Yohan’s words sounded like a compliment to him. Yohan didn’t mind, Jae Ho’s talents were definitely worthy of praise. It was a unique talent that he hadn’t encountered before. It was surprising that, despite his wealth of knowledge, Jae Ho made no effort to stand out until Yohan took an interest in him. If he was generous, he might even think he was wise to hide his talents until he trusted his leader.

“Jung Hwan, let’s swap.” Jae Ho didn’t seem to notice Yohan watching him and offered to relieve Jung Hwan.

“Oh, okay. Thank you.” Jung Hwan did a lot of menial tasks. Jae Ho was used to taking care of his family. Despite being the oldest member of the recon team, he still treated Yohan with respect. The way he did it seemed so natural that it never felt awkward.

‘Hm…’ Yohan made a mental note to give Jae Ho some more attention and help him grow some more so that he would be less likely to die randomly.

— “Yohan, it’s Hyuk.”

“What’s wrong?”

— “I found signs of survivors on Jangbong island, the one next to us.”

“Signs of survivors?”

— “I saw smoke rising.” Hyuk’s word immediately made Yohan think about the logistics center. It was too much to say that it was a coincidence.

“Got it. Keep watching that side and stay on guard. We’ll return soon.”

— “Okay.”

Yohan turned to relay the information to the others. “We’re going to have to cut this expedition short. Let’s quickly check out Un-seo island and then head back.”

The recon team members nodded in agreement. If there was a survivor group right next to their base, their efforts here were irrelevant. The safety of the base took priority. Yohan raised his hand and Jae Ho stopped the car. They were current right on the outskirts of the city. From this point on, they had to proceed on foot.

They hid the car in an isolated location, covered it with some debris, and then entered the city. It was a city in name, but it had only a few buildings. Still, even though it was a small city, there was a good chance that there were zombies around and probably a lot of survivors. Sure enough, as soon as they got into the city, they could see zombies everywhere.

‘It’s chilly here.’

Yohan stopped the recon team at an apartment complex near the outskirts of the city. There were signs of survivors here. Yohan clenched his fist twice, performing his preparation ritual. The recon team had been spread out, but now they grouped up quickly. It would be dangerous if they moved too hastily right now.

“Wait and keep an eye on building #104. I’ll go check on the situation,” Yohan spoke quietly. 

Yohan left the recon team behind to guard the area while he ran up to the roof of another building. Catching his breath, he took a look around. He looked both with the binoculars and the naked eye. There were red tire marks on different parts of the road and zombie corpses on the streets and buildings. There were piles of corpses around one particular apartment building. It was one of those buildings that had a store on its ground floor. Dead zombie corpses oozed like a morbid river away from the building.

‘Are there survivors? Is there still a group nearby?’

There were still some zombies active near the large discount store at the foot of the apartment building. If there were survivors, they would have been stuck inside for a while. They probably would be dead by now.

‘That’s not all.’

Since there were zombie corpses all over the place, survivors were not only in the store, but also in some of the other buildings. There were arrows, the kind shot from a bow, all over the place. A lot of the corpses were piled up in the middle of the road. Additionally, there was a lot of trash everywhere. 

Yohan looked across to a C-shaped apartment building. While zombies were roaming around everywhere just fine, this building and the road leading up to it was relatively clear. It was easy to tell that the survivors here only killed the zombies near them so that they could survive. Based on that, it was probably a small group.

Just then, sudden movement caught Yohan’s eye. He peered through his binoculars and spotted some movement in an apartment window. It was quick, but there was definitely something there. Yohan’s sharp perception missed nothing.

‘Is it a trap?’

There were survivors and they seemed to know that the recon team was here. Did they install something that alerted them when they got nearby? Maybe when they entered a nearby building? If so, it would have been an extremely high-level set up, since Yohan and the recon team didn’t even notice anything.

‘There’s a lot of advantages to be had if they are aware of us but we’re not aware of them.’

Yohan’s nerves fired up and he could feel all five senses get sharper. This unknown survivor group knew of their existence. Since he knew that they were a small group, it was an opportunity that he couldn’t pass up. Yohan dashed back down the stairs.

“Did you find anything boss man?”

“There are survivors”

“Here? How many?”

“One person or a small group. They could be a tricky opponent though.” 

The recon team members relaxed a bit after hearing that it was just a single person or a small group.

“They must’ve liked the chicken in this area,” Jae Ho said, with a smile. No one got his joke.

“They managed to survive on their own so far, so they must be impressive,” Sweeper commented. The other recon team members nodded in agreement. Even they didn’t have confidence in their ability to survive the apocalypse on their own.

“Right. Don’t get distracted. Let’s show them what we’ve got.” Yohan pointed at the three apartment buildings in front of them. “That’s building #101, 102, and 103. The commercial building next to 103 is where they’re at. We’ll go through the underground parking lot. The three apartment buildings should share the same lot.”

This was almost always the case with these kinds of building complexes in Korea.

“The survivors probably survived by looting the apartment buildings. They lure zombies away from the parking lot by throwing tin cans and other trash and then shoot them with arrows.”

“They’re not skilled at melee combat,” Sweeper commented.

“It could be an old person, a woman, or a child,” Jae Ho remarked. Yohan nodded his head at both of them.

“Or they could just be really cautious. Anyways, they’ve managed to survive until now.” Yohan picked up a piece of paper from the ground.

Unseo-dong Shelter Guidelines
Fellow citizens…evacuate….safely…

Yohan read what he could from the sheet of paper, crumpled it, and threw it away. Since it was a small city, they probably evacuated pretty quickly. Naturally, they would have been targeted by a zombie wave. They wouldn’t have known that sticking together would doom everyone. They wouldn’t have been able to survive the zombie wave unless they had overwhelming firepower. Additionally, if they had evacuated quickly, there would be a lot of supplies left behind in the apartment buildings. It was more than possible to survive this long if someone didn’t follow the evacuation orders.

‘Seeing the number of corpses here, they’re probably talented.’

A small group of talented survivors. It was exactly the type of comrade that Yohan wanted. His survival instincts weren’t going crazy, so maybe they would be able to add to their group? They were still lacking manpower. Yohan gathered his thoughts and quickly gave out orders.

“Let’s move now. Start with building 101. Treat it like a chase or hunting mission.”

Yohan ran out and the recon team members followed behind him. Gunshots rang out at any zombies that moved towards them, even if they were far away. The sound attracted more zombies towards the building complex, making it so that their target wouldn’t be able to run away easily, and forcing the encounter to occur indoors. With their weapons, they would have the advantage in this situation as long as they weren’t ambushed. Since they had a lot of experience, the recon team members performed their roles well with minimal communication. 

Since their target already knew they were here, there was no point in trying to ambush them. The best case scenario would be if the survivor heard their guns and surrendered without resisting. It would make things easier for all parties. 

Most of the windows in the area were broken, but, for those that weren’t, the recon team would smash those windows and unlock them. They also destroyed the locks and handles on doors, gradually reducing potential hiding spots and slowly cornering their target, like an animal. 

— Ω —

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