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Meteor Strike Media is looking for rewriters! Rewriters and translators are the core of our staff, and work together to create the high quality releases our group is known for.
Rewriters work on first draft translations, editing the English to produce a smooth reading experience.


  1. Take original translations, and reproduce them in high-quality English without loss of meaning.
  2. Ensure rewrites are accurate to the original, consistent in quality across the team, and at least at the university level in terms of English knowledge and awareness.
  3. Possess the ability to apply advanced writing skills that will improve description, word choices, syntax, voice, dialogue, action, and exposition, etc.
  4. Decide, or assist in deciding, what parts of the text require more liberal reworks and then expand the content that requires attention, using all methods of craft. Be sure to keep as close to the original intention as possible.
  5. Work with translators on issues concerning accuracy, word choices, and edits.
  6. Accurately keep the team up to date on your status.


  1. High level of fluency in English (typically, rewriters should at least be in an American/British university)
  2. Dedicate at least a few hours per week to working on rewrites (at least 3 hours or so per week). Expect to write a minimum of 3000 words per week.
  3. Be available for communication (preferably by Discord) at a reasonable frequency, to check in with the team and communicate on future endeavors.
  4. Ability to receive constructive criticism, and compromise with others with different viewpoints.
  5. Have strong communication skills.
  6. Ability to balance all elements of the story (character, PoV, setting, plot, theme).
  7. Awareness of how your work compares to others, and, if need be, change or balance your style to fit the style of the work.

Application Process

  1. For those with professional experience, or a portfolio of work, you can either PM Slimicee#9995 on Discord, or apply here directly. Please include your email and your Discord alias (if available), and simply send your portfolio.
  2. Otherwise, please notify us of your interest. You will be contacted (by Discord, if possible, otherwise, by email) and asked to take a writing test.
  3. Slimicee will review your submission, and then existing translators and rewriters will discuss your submission together.
  4. After this, the staff will be given the opportunity to have a brief chat with you, before we discuss your application. We will notify you of the results shortly after.


This is a payed position. The amount varies based on factors such as chapter length and the number of chapters being translated per week. Please PM Slimicee#9995 to discuss this further, if you’re interested.

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