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Are you incredibly good at the minutiae of English grammar and syntax? Did you read the entirety of Elements of Style for fun? Do you enjoy telling writers that they’re bad and that they should be ashamed of themselves? Okay not the last part maybe…
We are looking for copyeditors and proofreaders, who go over near finalized manuscripts and catch all the little errors our rewriters make, to make sure the manuscript is perfect before it’s published.


  1. Final grammar, syntax, formatting, and consistency checks on all chapters before release.
  2. Ensure that the English of the chapter is perfect, or dang close to it.
  3. Read through chapters as they are completed, possibly out of order, and note any mistakes in a timely fashion.


  1. Have a solid command of the English language, particularly with regards to grammar and syntax.
  2. Dedicate some time daily/weekly (not necessarily much) to read through chapters. You may be expected to read through between 15 and 30 thousand words per week.

Application Process

  1. Either PM Slimicee#9995 on Discord, or apply here directly, and simply let us know of your interest. If you have substantial experience in the field, please let us know (this will spare you from needless testing!)
  2. Otherwise, we will give you a test on a variety of topics related to English grammar and syntax.
  3. The rewriting team will discuss your submission, and may have a brief conversation with you (preferably over Discord). We will notify you of the results shortly after.

Please note that the test is not terribly simple, and this job is not likely to be an easy way to read the chapters ahead of time (sorry, we’ve had trouble with this in the past).

Job Features

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  1. Hi, I would like to know one thing, you are calling youservelves as a publisher company, but are these jobs remunerated?

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