Fallen Monarch: Chapter 48

48. The Moon Rabbit Siblings (5)

“Lulu! Luli! I’m relieved that both of you are safe! Do you know how much I was worried about the two of you?”

The rabbit siblings were wrapped tightly in Lily’s embrace. She had to maintain her position as the Demon Lord, but right now, there was no one here who would stop her. Rather, they felt it was good for her to care about her servants to such a degree.

Luli looked relieved in Lily’s embrace, but Lulu turned to look at Tom, who was standing awkwardly behind them, with an indifferent expression.

It was a cold face, like an ice wall, which didn’t move at all. His blank eyes were staring directly at Tom. Tom’s eyes twitched under such a sharp, penetrating gaze.

“I’m truly grateful to you!”

“It’s nothing, Your Highness.”

Tom only acknowledged their gratitude with a nod. 

Now that they had been saved, Lulu and Luli continued to serve Lily. They matched her current clothes style and washed her as well. Lily wasn’t used to such a treatment, but she felt relieved that some parts of her daily life had returned to normal. They also took turns catering to her after helping her with breakfast. Luli would leave the tent during her break, but Lulu was different. He continued to follow behind Tom on his break.

“How is it? L… No, I’ve continued to repeat the Orc’s training regiment as Sir Tom ordered.”

Karakul showed the Orcs their training regiments. Even though they were wearing a full set of plate armor which weighed quite a bit, they still used their outstanding strength to move dexterously. They got in formation, swung their swords, and repeatedly practiced trench warfare. Tom, who noticed the process, nodded approvingly.

“The results are more than satisfactory.”

He was aware of Lulu’s gaze and remained formal to Karakul.

They arrived at the Ogre’s armor division next, who were hefting the mounted ballistas like crossbows. The Orcs beside them lifted the bolts meant for the ballistas with great difficulty and delivered it to the Ogres. The Ogres moved slowly, stood in lines of ten units wide, then aimed forward before pulling their triggers. 

A thunderous boom was followed by an explosion of air as the bolts shot forward, undisrupted by recoil, and accurately hit their marks. If such a shot was fired through human soldiers, dozens of men would be pierced and killed, scattering in a mess of gore.

“Their accuracy has improved greatly. Also, their ability to fire reflexively is faster, but they still have a tendency to load their weapons slowly. However, I think their speed will improve with further training.”

Tom crossed his arms and watched the Ogre’s Armored Division. They had melted down many sets of armor from Lania to equip this unit. Their armor was painted in a dark-red color, making them look quite foreboding; they would also be able to withstand most attacks with relative ease.

“It looks quite good. I expect great things from their firepower…”

As he was speaking, he felt a gaze coming from his side, causing him to sweat in apprehension.

“…Do you have some business with me?”

Lulu’s ears perked up at Tom’s words, while his body twitched excitedly. Only his face maintained its neutral expression as he brought his hands together and bowed.

“…I am grateful that you rescued my sister and I. I’m a member of the Moon Rabbit Tribe and my name is Lulu. I’m sorry that it took this long for me to properly greet you.”

“No, no. It’s okay. We should be helping each other, especially since you’re a fellow subject that the Demon Lord holds precious…”

He said as such, but if not for the sibling’s unique ability and the fact that Lily’s name was involved, he would have left them to die. Tom greeted them casually, finding that this species of rabbits was very courteous.


As Karakul and Tom moved to the next training area, Lulu followed the two. His gaze was fixed on Tom, who felt burdened by its intensity.

“…What happened?”

When Tom asked Karakul, he replied awkwardly.

“…The Moon Rabbit Tribe has a tendency to follow their saviors. For example, that pair have a great sense of loyalty to the Demon Lord, who rescued them after being abandoned. I feel that it might be a similar case this time around and that he might be feeling indebted to you.”

“…I don’t need any repayment.”

Lulu twitched at his reply, then shook his head as he muttered toward Tom.

“…Am I bothering you?”

His expression remained unchanged, but his voice wavered, looking like that of a frightened rabbit.

Karakul, who noticed this, whispered to Tom.

“Also, Moon Rabbits have especially good hearing, so they can detect most sounds around them.”


He wasn’t opposed to the situation, but he also felt a bit burdened.

Luli approached him next. When she did so, Lulu left, appearing disappointed. As Tom was also sighing in relief, she pulled on the hem of his shirt.


“…Brother told me to express our gratitude. I am sincerely thankful for your kindness!”

“It’s fine.”

And now, even Luli was following him around with an intense gaze. It was really troublesome! Karakul held back his laughter as he watched the situation unfold.

“You are… quite loved.”


He wanted to say that he didn’t want such appreciation, but as the Moon Rabbits had good ears, so the words didn’t leave his lips.


It was late at night. While studying the map that Karakul had given him, Tom turned to look at the entrance of his tent. There, a pair of siblings were standing awkwardly, greeting him with a small nod.

“We have come to provide some night service.”

“…Of course, it is with the most innocent of intentions, but it might be misconstrued if someone overheard.”

“If there’s anything we can help you with…”

“…Please let us know.”

‘Then can you just leave? Isn’t this all way way way too much?’

Tom wanted to say this from his heart of hearts, but he simply replied with a smile.

“I’m preparing to head to the bed soon, so I wish that both of you also get a restful sleep. Although you’ve been treated, there must be a lot of mental exhaustion.”

“Then, we shall read you a story.”

“And also hold you while you sleep.”

Cold sweat began to form as Tom maintained his smile. He just couldn’t understand what the pair was trying to tell him.

‘These siblings… just what are they talking about? They’re speaking like they’re caring for some child…?!’

“Um… I’m not a child.”

The Moon Rabbit siblings tilted their heads in confusion at his reply.

“A child?”

“Our tribe is just like this. We read each other stories and embrace each other warmly when we sleep.”


“We have also done this for Her Highness.”

They were truly loving rabbits. He had heard that rabbits were prone to loneliness, but it went a bit too far for this species.

‘…Lily, you have been loved so dearly. Especially by these children!’

He wasn’t sure whether to feel happy or sad about it!

As he reflected on this, Tom’s eyes turned to see a crow behind the pair. It was standing on the ground, staring straight back at him with its golden bestial eyes. The pair tilted their heads, perplexed, looking back and forth between Tom and the crow.

“…Now that I look at it, you have some unique abilities. What is it?”

When Tom asked, Lulu answered hurriedly.

“It’s the ability to create mirages and illusions.”

“What about scents?”

“Scents are impossible. It is just illusions and mirages.”

“Are you both capable of it?”

“We are a bit unskilled, so I can only make visual hallucinations while my sister can make auditory ones. With more practice, we should be able to do both.”

It was a truly exceptional ability.

“How heavy is the burden of the ability?”

“Although we lack in practice, we are rather exceptional in the quality of our magic power. All in all, it’s possible to affect those within a 500 meter radius. We weren’t able to express our ability to its full extent after the werewolves chased us for three days straight, but we should be able to prolong our abilities for up to 20 minutes without an excessive burden.”

“Then, can you help me?”

The siblings looked at Tom in surprise. He was asking them for help! They felt great joy that someone was asking them to do something worthwhile.

“O-of course, we’ll help you! Just say the word!”

The brother, Lulu, spoke with conviction while Luli simply nodded over and over again excitedly.


“…He’s so agile for a crow. I thought I’d be able to taste some blood!”

Within the forest, Karina watched a crow in the sky with displeasure. All she could see before her was the Orc territory. Since she was deep inside enemy lines, Karina was malnourished. As such, she had wanted to taste the blood of that unique looking crow, but it was quite fast. 

She stared at the crow with bloodlust and growled, but suppressed her desire to chase it down. There would soon be a feast! She would enslave the Devil of Lania, take the head of the Demon Lord, and swim excitedly in their blood!

Karina looked at the silent Orc territory. There were tents set up in various places with torches to light their surroundings, but she could see almost no patrolling Orc soldiers. They were mostly in groups of seven or eight wearing shabby gear, looking like they were just gossiping amongst each other. No matter how you looked at it, their defenses were pathetic!

‘Well, of course they’d be out of sorts. Brother has risen to the exalted position of Demon Lord, after all!’

Regardless of how brave the Orcs were, they would soon abandon their posts in fear. That was how terrifying vampires were!

“Miss Karina, how shall we proceed?”

The other vampires approached her and sought her opinion. Karina touched her lower lip and pondered the question.

“Well… What shall we do? We ate so many Orcs in the capital that I’m getting a bit sick of it. I think I should look for the Devil of Lania, after all.”

“Then, we should…”

“Get the Demon Lord.”

The eyes of the Vampires lit up as they smiled with ill intentions, gulping in anticipation.

“I apologize for this transgression, but may we have the honor of drinking some of her blood?”

Karina glared at them with a sharp gaze.

“Are you trying to taste her blood before brother?”


The Vampires hastily lowered their heads.

“O-of course not. We’ll bring her to you right away!”

“That’s right. That’s right. That’s the way. My brother and I shall taste her blood before anybody.” Karina licked her lips. “If we get the Demon Lord and the Devil of Lania, the Orcs are worth a fart! Karakul, Kuman, and even Ellin should simmer down after that! Just get the Demon Lord! Kill anyone that gets in your way!”

The Vampires turned into bats and vanished from the area. They swiftly flew up and began to search the tents, with Karina entering one of them.

There was a bed made of straw within and a single man sleeping on it. Karina sniffed his scent.

“Ah… ah~~~~!”

Karina moaned in ecstasy, approaching him while red-faced. She climbed on top of the sleeping man and sat on his stomach before drawing her face closer to smell him again.

‘This fragrance of magic power! It’s so dense that I’ve never felt one like it before! Ah~ Aaaah! I can’t wait. I can’t wait! I can’t hold back!!’

“You’re… delicious looking meat. Just stay asleep! I’ll enjoy the meal!”

“…All the demons around here seem to use misleading phrases.”

Karina froze and looked down. The man had quietly opened his eyes, and his golden irises reflected her image like a mirror. Karina, who saw his eyes, trembled. She barely managed to hold on to her sanity.

Her pale body grew red-hot, and her entire figure shuddered as euphoria overwhelmed her.

“Aaah! How can this be! How do you have eyes with such wonderful magic power…!”

‘…Ah, those eyes! I want to chew on them! I wonder how they will feel when I bite down. I want to know how the flesh inside tastes!! But, it’s a bit of a waste! I should hold off, make this man mine, and slowly eat away at him!’

Karina looked down at him as she made some suggestive gestures, sliding her hands across his chest and stomach before rubbing his thighs.

“Oh my… you’re awake. Mr. Tasty Meat.”

“Can you at least call me something different? There are a lot of eyes watching us, you know.”

“Eyes watching?”

Karina peeked at her surroundings; there was nobody around. She also couldn’t smell anything.

“Ehehe… You must be easily embarrassed? Why? Did you get excited looking at me? My beautiful appearance and amazing body?”

Karina wore a suggestive smile as she lowered her head to the point that he could feel her hot breath on his face. She then tasted the fragrance of magic power he was giving off, with her eyes closed, like sniffing and appreciating old wine. While doing this, she instinctively opened her mouth and began to lick Tom’s neck and face. Tom frowned at the wet sensation of her saliva.

Her hands were becoming more frantic as they moved up and down his body, her desires running rampant.

“I… really like you. How about you become my slave?”

“A slave… you say? Reminds me of old times.”

Tom showed a strange reaction to the word ‘slave’. Karina, seeing his expression, narrowed her eyes as their gazes met, one reminiscing, and the other perplexed.

“Yes, why have you sought out the Demon Kingdom? What do you wish to obtain? I’ll give it to you! Anything you want…! My body? My ecstasy? Say the words, ‘Master, give me your ecstasy!’ like that. Then, I shall grant you what you desire. In return, you…”

Karina whispered into his ear.

“Just have to give me your blood and flesh.”

“That is quite appealing.”

“Yes, isn’t it? Hah…”

Karina’s voice grew faint, and her breathing rough. It looked like she could contain herself no longer as her lips drew apart and fangs appeared.

“So… be my cattle!”

When her fangs sank into his neck, Tom replied.

“Ah, I’m sorry. This body is already claimed.”

Her fangs were wound around a dagger instead of his neck. Upon brief inspection, runed etched on the blade’s surface began to glow as Holy Power was injected into it. Her fangs sizzled and burned until they could bear no more and melted entirely.


Karina’s expression turned ugly and her body melted into fog. The fog split away from Tom and flew to the corner of the tent before becoming flesh once more. Karina touched where her fangs once were with trembling hands. They were completely gone, down to the gum. The burnt areas couldn’t even endure the slightest of touch.

Vampires’ fangs would grow back even when pulled out or broken off, and they were a symbol of pride for them. They were what made them the noble bloodsuckers. If that symbol was damaged… anyone would feel the degradation of having their pride stomped on. That was especially so for Karina.

“How dare a piece of meat…!!”

Her face twisted hideously like a bat’s as fur sprouted from various places, and her chin jutted forward in a bizarre way. Her hands and feet also became that of bat’s while the clothes on her body tore away. She turned into a monstrous humanoid bat, reaching 2 meters in height. She revealed her grotesque teeth while her bat wings stretched out. She could no longer maintain her beauty now that her fangs had already been broken.

“I’ll take your neck right now!”

Tom put down the dagger in his hand, placed his hand under the bed, and pulled out a single book.


Karin’s body suddenly became heavy. She collapsed, having been restricted by chains composed of Holy Power.

— Ω —

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